Epistemological foundations & principles for the democratization of the governance of science

Who should decide, and how, on the big priorities of scientific research in our democratic societies? Should citizen be directly involved in the decision processes, should they defer to their elected representatives and their governments, or should they defer to scientific experts?  

This project, at the interface between philosophy of science, political philosophy and political sciences explores views on the nature and role of science in our society underlying these various options. It aims at mapping out principles of a more democratic governance of science and at exploring its possible practical forms.

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The three axes the project

Epistemological presuppositions of the autonomy of science

Which presuppositions and arguments lead to the claim that scientific experts should be in charge of setting the big research priorities?


Values and aims of science

How to elaborate a contextualized view of the aims of science taking into account interactions with various components of the our democratic societies?


Democratization of the governance of science

Which forms of citizen participation are politically desirable and epistemologically acceptable?