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Scientific Pluralism Reconsidered

A new approach to the (dis)unity of science

2016, Pittsburgh University Press

Presentation of the book

Interview (podcast) for New Books network

Reviews in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science,  Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, The Journal for General Philosophy of Science, La vie des idées, Lato Sensu.


Co-edition (with A. Guay)

Science, philosophie, société

2017,  PUFC

Presentation of the book (in French)

Couv EPSA2013 coupee

Co-edition (with U. Mäki, G. Schurz and I. Votsis)

Recent Developments in the Philosophy of Science: EPSA13, Helsinki

Springer,  June 2015

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Pluralismes scientifiques. Enjeux épistémiques et métaphysiques, Hermann, 2013.



Scientific Pluralism Reconsidered, Pittsburgh University Press, 2017.

(Revised and augmented English edition – see above)

couv Kitcher

French translation (PUF, 2010) of Science, Truth and Democracy, by Philip Kitcher (OUP, 2001).