Coordinator of the ANR project CRISP (2021-2024)

(Adressing) the Challenge of Research Integrity in Scientific Practices

Website of the project

Coordinator of  the PartiSCiP project (Idex Lyon Impulsion) (2018-2020)

Citizen science: new epistemological perspectives on scientific objectivity

Website of the project

Coordinator of the ANR project  DEMOCRASCI (2015-2018)

Epistemological foundations & principles of the democratisation of science

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Co-coordinator (until 2017) of the Idex project QuEng (2016-2020)

A pluridisciplinary ecosystem for quantum technologies

Presentation of the project


Coordinator of the pluridisciplinary project PEPS 2013

Science and philosophy: diverse perspectives on computer simulations

Videos of the talks  (in English and in French)


Member of the  ANR project METASCIENCE (2012-2015)